Complaints & Compliments

Complaints Mechanism

Do you have a compliment or a complaint about ODPP or any question about criminal matters concluded or pending in court?
Please talk to us. We would like to hear from you.
Its functions are:-

  • Develop and implement complaints handling strategy procedures and guidelines.
  • Advise the Director of Public Prosecutions on a complaints handling process.
  • Receive, address and advise on complaints/compliments from the headquarters, stakeholders and the public.  Forward complaints emanating and regarding County issues to the relevant County Heads.
  • To keep the ODPP informed of any complaints/compliment that may require his urgent and personal attention.
  • Establish a data base that records the particulars of each complaint/compliment.
  • Develop an IT programme that captures the progress of all the complaints and the incidental matters thereof.
  • Establish a complaints handling committee that supports the I.T database on problematic areas.
  • Prepare and submit quarterly reports with appropriate recommendations to the  Director of Public Prosecutions.
  • Developing and implementing a witness and victim support system in ODPP.
  • Coordinate and monitor implementation of the above mentioned complaints handling strategy.

What is the procedure of lodging a complaint?

Any member of the public who wishes to lodge a complaint MUST put in writing the nature of  the complaint in the form of a letter addressed to the ODPP. The letter should include as much  information as possible relevant to the issue being complained of.

The complaint can be sent through:

  1.     Letter (post or hand delivered)
  2.     Email

How to register feedback at ODPP

A complement or positive criticism can be sent to:
Tel: 020 2186786 or 0734 939048
Office of Director of Public Prosecutions,
NSSF Building, Block ‘A’, 19th
Box 30701-00100, Nairobi

How to follow up a complaint
Can be through:

  1. Letter
  2. Email
  3. Telephone call
  4. Face to face interview

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