About Complaints & Compliments Section


The ODPP complaints and complements section receives, responds to and facilitates requisite follow ups to complaints/complements within the mandate of ODPP. The section also refers/forwards to the relevant agencies complaints that are incidental to criminal justice but which fall within mandates of other agencies in the criminal justice chain.

Functions of Complaints and Compliments Section

  • To develop and implement complaints handling strategy procedures and guidelines.
  • To advise the Director of Public Prosecutions on the complaints handling process.
  • To receive, address and advise on complaints/compliments from the ODPP staff, stakeholders and the public. Complaints emanating and regarding County issues are referred to the relevant County Heads for action.
  • To keep the DPP informed of any complaints/compliment that may require his urgent and personal attention.
  • To establish a data base that records the particulars of each complaint/compliment.
  • To develop an IT programme that captures the progress of all the complaints and the incidental matters thereof.
  • To establish a complaints handling committee that supports the IT database on problematic areas.
  • To prepare and submit quarterly reports with appropriate recommendations to the Director of Public Prosecutions.
  • To developing and implement a witness and victim support system in ODPP.
  • To coordinate and monitor implementation of the above mentioned complaints handling strategy.

Achievements and Milestones of the Section

The Complaints and Compliments Section through team work, dedication support from GIZ and other partners has achieved the following:

  1. Increased capacity leading to expeditious handling of complaints
  2. Enhanced collaboration with other stakeholders leading to efficient and effective follow ups
  • ODPP recognition as one of outstanding performer in the civil service leading to the award of ‘Outstanding Public service Award’ in 2015. The complaints handling mechanisms was a major criteria in receiving the award.

Challenges of the Complaints and Compliments Section

  1. Delayed response from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations and other stakeholders leading to delayed response to complaints
  2. Heavy workload at headquarters as clients bypass respective ODPP county offices to bring their complaints to the head office

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