Internal Affairs Unit in the ODPP

The Internal Affairs Unit in the ODPP shall be composed of the following;

  • Senior Assistant Director Public Prosecutions who shall be appointed by the DPP who shall head the Unit;
  • Senior prosecutors designated by the DPP; and
  • Investigators

The IAU shall be report directly to the DPP.

The functions of the IAU are as follows:

i) The IAU shall recommend to the DPP, policies, programs and procedures that will ensure strict compliance by all personnel in the ODPP with the provisions of the Code of Conduct for Prosecutors, Code of Conduct and Ethical Standards for Public Officials and Employees, the ODPP policies, rules and regulations and all laws, rules and regulations regarding the Public service and public accountability.

ii) The IAU shall act on all complaints related to misconduct, whether initiated internally, by private or public individuals, against any personnel.

iii) Consistent with the policies provided herein, the IAU may request for assistance from any government intelligence or investigating agency or direct any personnel of the prosecution service to conduct an intelligence operation or background investigation.

iv) Follow up of civil matters filed against the office of DPP

v) Perform such other functions as may be assigned by the DPP from time to time.

Compliance Form