A prosecution witness has testified that falsefied documents were used to procure goods and services by the ministry of Devolution and Planning.

The former Finance Officer at the National Youth Service told court that he noticed that an extra Zero (0) was added to the amount in the Local Purchase Order (LPO) during investigations by the Banking Fraud Investigation Unit.

He took the court through procurement process saying the Integrated Financial Management Information System (IFMIS) comes in at some stage in the procurement process.

He said he informed the Senior Deputy Director General in charge of administration in NYS Adan Harakhe when the IFMIS system was loaded with Ks 3.5Billion since he was the AIE holder.

The accused together with former Planning PS Peter Mangiti and others are accused of tampering with public officer contrary to section 107 (a) of the Penal code, Conspiracy to defraud contrary to section 317 of the penal code as well as making of false documents contrary to section 347 (c) and section 349 of the penal code.

Defense hearing to continue with cross examination of the witness on 18th may 2017