DPP Keriako Tobiko resigned from office after serving for seven years. Mr Tobiko was the first DPP since the office detached itself from the Attorney General in 2011.
In his farewell remarks Mr Tobiko thanked his staff for their unreserved dedication and hard work.
“My exit leaves no vacuum at ODPP” outgoing DPP Keriako Tobiko said he leaves behind highly qualified and able staff and that ODPP will run normally.
Mr Tobiko was addressing senior ODPP staff from the headquarters and all the 47 counties where the office has presence. He expressed immense confidence in their ability and took pride in ODPP’s growth during his tenure.
Mr Tobiko was nominated by the President to the Cabinet. He said that the current Secretary Public Prosecutions Mrs Dorcas Oduor will take charge of the office as we await the process of getting a new DPP to commence.