DPP presents to court officers accused in Baby Pendo case

The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) through Senior Assistant Director Public Prosecutions, Tabitha Ouya, JV Owiti and Becky Arunga, presented in court nine out of 12 police officers charged in the Baby Pendo case.   

Prosecution team in court when it presented police officers accused in the Baby Pendo Case.

Justice Ogembo dismissed an application by the officers that plea taking in the matter be deferred for two months to allow the determination of a petition and applications they have filed challenging their prosecution.

Plea taking is set for November 21st 2022 to allow all the suspects to appear in court after three co-accused persons; Linah Kogey, Mohamed Ali and Mohammed Baa failed to appear in court.

The judge ordered the nine officers who were present in court to be released on a personal bond of KSh 200,000 each with an undertaking that they will appear in court for plea taking.

The officers: Titus Yoma, Titus Mutune, John Chengo, Benjamin Koima, Benjamin Lorema, Volker Edambo, Cyprine Robi, Josphat Sensira, James Rono, Linah Kogey, Mohamed Ali and Mohammed Baa are charged with various counts of scrimes against humanity.


Accused persons in the Baby Pendo case.