Controversial businessman Paul Kobia accused of kidnapping a Congolese man will face prosecution for misusing his firearm, a Milimani Magistrate Court has ruled.

Chief Magistrates Francis Andayi ruled that while an out of court settlement order had been granted for kidnap and assault charges, Kobia will face prosecution for alleged misuse of his firearm.

The Magistrate said that the prosecution had sufficient evidence to warrant Kobia’s prosecution.

Kobia, alongside his four body guards had been charged with allegedly kidnapping and assaulting Blancard Londole, a Congolese businessman in March 2017.

The Congolese man however applied for an application seeking to withdraw the case saying he had reached out and negotiated with Kobia for an out of court settlement.

The hearing for the third count charge against Kobia is scheduled for 31st, May, 2016.