PC tender committee alleged collusion with suppliers

The prosecution presented to court its 25th witness in the case where Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) Tender Committee, allegedly conspired with Aero Dispenser Valves Company Limited to defraud KPC of USD 6,409,491.89 by overpricing the items to be supplied. 

Testifying before Milimani Anticorruption Court Chief Magistrate, Elizabeth Juma, the witness informed court that despite the tender committee recommending that the US-based Cla-Val Company, the original manufacturer of hydrant pit valves be granted the tender, they later allegedly conspired with the directors of Aero Dispenser Valves Limited to overturn the agreement. They instead granted Aero Dispenser Valves Limited the offer after providing KPC with a forged letter alleged to have originated from Cla-Val company.

Other than the irregular award of tender, the witness told court that other irregularities such as improper communication of the tender to the bidders, lack of authentic contract between Aero Dispenser Valves Limited and KPC, approval of payment in phases contrary to the procurement guidelines as well as the committee approving direct procurement marred the entire tendering process.