Mission, Vision & Core Values


An independent prosecution Authority providing efficient, effective, fair and just prosecution service for the people of Kenya.


To serve the public by providing quality, impartial and timely prosecution services anchored on the values and principles enshrined in the Constitution

Core Values

The ODPP and its staff are committed to providing a high quality prosecution service. In our dealings, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions commits to be guided by the following values:

Respect and promotion of Human Rights and the rule of law

In discharging its functions, the ODPP shall at all times observe, respect and promote human rights and the rule of law in line with the Constitution and International human Rights conventions and instruments.
Integrity & Ethics

The ODPP shall uphold high levels of honesty, confidentiality, integrity, transparency and accountability in its dealings.


Excellence, efficiency and effectiveness shall be the guiding pillars in the delivery of prosecution services. We shall strive to ensure timeliness, continual improvement, individual initiative and innovation, and provide an ethical and supportive workplace.
Fairness and Impartiality

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions in the exercise of its functions is not subject to any control or direction of any person or authority. The DPP carries out his duties in an independent, impartial and competent manner engendering public confidence in the implementation of the rule of law.
Courtesy & Respect

The staff of the ODPP strives to be sensitive, courteous and respectful in all dealings. The staff is committed to treating witnesses and victims with utmost consideration and have regard to any view expressed by victims of crime when making decisions in specific cases whether or not to prosecute.

The ODPP shall promote unity and respect for diversity amongst its staff and stakeholders to achieve its mandate.