The Advisory Board is established under section 16 and 17 of the Office of the Director Public Prosecutions’ Act and was inaugurated on March 15th 2013.

The principal functions of the Board are to advise ODPP on:
•    Recruitment and appointment of staff;
•    Promotions;
•    Discipline and
•    Any other matters that may be referred to the Board by the DPP

The Board comprises of the following members:

  1. The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)- Chair
  2. The Secretary, Public Prosecutions (SPP) – Secretary
  3. The Principal Secretary, Ministry of State for Public Service- Member
  4. The Attorney General – Member
  5. The Chief Registrar of the Judiciary -Member
  6. The Principal Secretary, National Treasury- Member
  7. The Chairperson, Law Society of Kenya -Member
  8. The Director, Witness Protection Agency -Member
  9. The Chairperson, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights -Member
  10. The Inspector General of the National Police Service -Member